Our country is very big and lies in the northern hemisphere. The climate and the seasons differ a little bit from each other in Russian regions. But everywhere it is hotter in summer and colder in winter. In spring new grass grows and nice flowers blossom. In autumn leaves fall off, the harvest is collected and everybody and everything prepares to winter. This is typical for all countries of the northern hemisphere.

The winter months are December, January, February. The winter is the coldest season. The average temperature is 15-20 degrees below zero. It is snowing almost every day, and everything is white. The wind is cold and sharp. One should wear warm clothes, like fur coats, comforters and mittens, not to catch a cold.

At the beginning of the winter it becomes darker and darker, already at 6 o'clock in the evening light is switched on everywhere. However, since the 21st December, namely since the winter solstice, the day starts to grow, and it becomes brighter and brighter, and one already feels how the new year comes.

The winter is a fabulous season which brings us Christmas with festively decorated fir-trees, presents and joy. It is very nice if all trees in a park stand white, and the sun shines, and the sky is blue. I prefer to ski in such days in a forest or to just walk in a park. In winter one can also skate and play snow ball.

Winter evenings are very comfortable. I also like it to sit at home, to drink hot tea and to enjoy talking to my friends.

I like the winter very much.

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