Our country is very big and lies in the northern hemisphere. The climate and the seasons differ a little bit from each other in Russian regions. But everywhere it is hotter in summer and colder in winter. In spring new grass grows and nice flowers blossom. In autumn leaves fall off, the harvest is collected and everybody and everything prepares to winter. This is typical for all countries of the northern hemisphere.

The summer months are June, July and August. Among all seasons the summer is the warmest. The temperature equals to 20-30 degrees above zero in average.

The most important summer colours are green, yellow and blue. All trees and the grass in parks and forests are green. About them there is the light blue sky with few light clouds, and the yellow sun seems hot.

On the beach the yellow colour predominates - this is the sand and again the sun, and the blue colour - the water and again the sky. And amusing suntanned people in colored swimsuits bring more cheerfulness and diversity. They lie in the sun, bathe and swim, play badminton and volleyball, and rest as they like. I like to play volleyball on the beach, for example.

I also like to go with my friends into the countryside - in the woods or to somebody summer house. There we eat fresh fruits and vegetables, cook shashlik, in the evening we sit by the fire, play the guitar and sing together.

I like the summer best of all.

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